Blooms Tea

by Lauelle

Blooms Tea

Blooms Tea celebrates the art of tea culture. We are specialists in antique porcelain and artisanal tea blends for the perfect afternoon tea experience. We are about unique, immersive experiences. Next pop-up will take place in December 2018!

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Lauelle is our design atelier. Debuting at the prestigious department store, Sogo Causeway Bay, we showcased our designs and curated vintage womens accessories. Whilst it instantly sold out, our much-anticipated return will take place in early 2019!

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The Blooms Club

The Blooms Club is a premium European arts and culture specialist brand. We introduce the finest of Western culture to Asia in an experiential way with premier events in Asia and exclusive international luxury travel experiences that will take you on unprecedented cultural journeys.

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'Our collection of porcelain and bone china is estimated to reach around 16,000 pieces...and growing.'

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Our Theory

Tea serves as a means of levelling the playing field between utterly disparate nations, races, and classes. It is comforting that even the poorest farmer and the richest dignitary can find some common ground in their enjoyment of a simple cup of tea. In a world with so many distinctions and divisions, tea is exactly what we need to bring us all together.

Tea Stories

Tea is synonymous to every culture cross the globe. It is the second most consumed drink in the world, surpassed only by water. ‘Tea Stories’ tells our intimate relationship with the drink we have come to love and perhaps taken for granted. Interviewing eleven tea (and coffee) drinkers from around the world, we are invited to listen in to their heart-warming life stories and how tea differs, or in fact is the same, in every culture.

Our Partners

We work closely with some of Hong Kong's best boutique brands and acclaimed artisans. Together, we are passionate to inject excitement into the nation's art and culture scene.


Taking Afternoon Tea

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Although we are scattered around the globe, you can always find us gathering together over Earl Grey and scones. Elle and Edith are happy to help in any way possible. We will get back to your enquires within 24 hours.