Its a social thing

At Blooms Tea we are about bringing people together through a cup of tea or two. So don't be shy and start brewing your favourite blend...

Bringing people together

In a world with so many distinctions and divisions, tea is exactly what we need to bring us all together. At Blooms Tea, we do exactly that by orchestrating the best events in town that allows us to escape the city and catch up over tea, cake and conversations.

Immersive Retail

We go beyond what is expected at Blooms Tea and bring you the most exciting retail experiences. Expect whimsical music, the scent of freshly brewed tea and witty conversations. If you’re lucky, you’ll walk into a mini harp concerto or a room full of hydrangeas during one of our floral masterclasses. We’ve even witnessed a proposal in one of our stores! Anything is possible at Blooms Tea.

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We’ve hosted a string of events in collaboration with our resident creatives and curated brands. From artisanal perfume, to floral arrangement, modern day etiquette to history of art and design…we do more than tea and porcelain. We are here to bring the West to the East. Please check our latest schedule here.

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Tea parties, candlelight dinners and musical concertos… we host our curated events bi-annually to draw in crowds from around Hong Kong and China. Although most of our events are by ainvite only, we would love to introduce more open house occasions and casual meetups dotted around town by the beginning of next year. Please check our latest schedule here.

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